Operational services

We have grown together with the customers we
care since the beginning of our business .

Tailor made services

Customers who have entrusted their services to Bluservice could count on a stable structure with motivated and dynamic staff.
Our operational services addressed mainly 5 operational areas:

marketing services | customer service | credit services | administrative services | commercial services

Marketing services

For marketing offices we offer a wide range of services. The services provided are:

  • Telephone appointments for sales networks and vendor agendas management
  • Telephone sales
  • Preparation and sending of DEM
  • Newsletters/SMS management
  • Coupon flow management
  • Recruitment management
  • Sales monitoring
  • Intra-company social network
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Customer care

Assisting the customers of our customers is one of the activities that we like most and that has given us great satisfaction. The assistance we offer is both administrative and technical. We carry out telephone assistance activities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What really matters to us is being able to offer our specific expertise, fully understand the needs of customers and solve problems already by telephone.

For administrative assistance we manage both the first level (telephone) and the second more specialized level (email / letters) with reconstructions of the accounting situation, information on the status of subscriptions, sending copies of invoices or other documents.

Our technical assistance service covers needs both on management software and on databases. Teleservice intervention on customers’ PCs is also foreseen in order to solve their operational problems.

Furthermore, we also offer the activity of Tutor for e-learning courses which consists in ] preparing courses with teachers’ materials, verifying technical connections with teachers and students and we follow the courses to intervene in case of need.

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Credit services

Our recovery action is carried out by telephone and has brought us great results in terms of amounts recovered (up to 70% compared to the entrusted).

Our staff is highly specialized in soliciting payments even on active customers for whom particular care is required in the urging action.

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Administrative services

Our administrative services are as follows:

  • acquisition of orders produced by sales force
  • acquisition of subscriptions from customers
  • management of receipts with manual procedures (transfers)
  • troubleshooting problems with SDD (ex RID) recesses
  • problem solving with FEPA collections
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Commercial services

We offer the following services for the Commercial Departments:

  • tracking of the order received
  • data collection and comparisons between objectives and results of the commercial network
  • management of agency awards
  • timely communications to sales force on cancellations received
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