Enersales CRM

Enersales is at the heart of our software solutions. Our web based CRM to help our customers win the competition in terms of efficiency.

The first in Europe

We started building web based management software from the very beginning of our business. This is why we were among the first in Europe to create web based software that does not require installation. The ease of use and of assistance deriving from this technological choice are now there for everyone to see.

Always online

We have always thought, in advance, that centralizing information on a web server and making it available to users without any installation and configuration costs for their hardware was a critical success factor.

Since 2002, the facts have proved us right and today we are witnessing the race to Cloud computing, an operating philosophy that Bluservice has always adopted which today makes us a leader in the know-how for these tools.

Our consulting services

Bluservice has definitely focused on solutions web based software to help their customers win the competition in terms of efficiency.

Our philosophy for the software is based on 4 key concepts:

Outsourcing software

Open Source

Web based

Cloud computing

The enforcement of these four concepts to the software services that we create allows us to offer our customers solutions tailored to their needs and at absolutely competitive prices.

The most dynamic companies seek outsourcing of software solutions. We provide outsourced solutions that allow companies to focus on their core business, without getting involved in technical issues, as happened in the past.
Bluservice has therefore developed, among the first in Europe, a series of web based solutions for the improvement of company information flows.
Since 2013 we have migrated all our software to the Cloud Amazon Web Services which allows us to provide our customers with Enterprise performance in service levels.

The CRM built in React

Enersales was created in 2019 from Bluservice’s experience in the world of web based CRM.
Enersales is the CRM made in React which thanks to its ease of use and configuration allows you to meet the needs of a large number of companies.